Voici un poème composé par une amie et moi. Il racontre mon enfance.

I was just a little child
When you broke my life
My world turned upside down
When my soul disappeared in your arms
Why did you take my body,my soul, my heart like
your own babydoll?

You said that we were going to play
But I didn’t know that you were just planning my murder
And I cried because you hurt me
You hit me and pulled me down on the floor
At that time, I understood that I couldn’t do anything else than waiting for you to stop

And you raped me
And you killed me
Couldn’t do anything
Anything else than waiting
When will you finaly stop to haunt my mind?

Now, I’m lost in the dark
It’s cold and I can’t hear anything, just like yesterday
Today, I would like to sleep and never never wake up
Just to forget what you and your friend have done to me
All those ugly, nasty things that I’ll unfortunately never be able to forget

It’s so hard to live
When your spirit has been stole
Is it possible to forgive
When someone has broke you in
And I think to myself that our past is unforgivable
That’s what I would like to say to you
If I was strong enough
But as this time, it’s too hard for me to face you
Please, trust me DD
One day, I’ll make you feel what I felt before
That day, you’ll know that what you did was wrong
And my only hope, is that at that time, you’ll regret what you did to me